Tobacco industry targets Cameroon kids

06 Sep 2016

The report, Big Tobacco Tiny Target, documented how the industry used various techniques near schools, such as:

  • selling single cigarettes
  • placing poster advertising on shop doors, windows and sidewalks
  • displaying tobacco products on shop counters, behind counters or with non-tobacco products.

The report was produced by the Coalition Camerounaise Contre le Tabac – C3T (the Cameroonian Coalition to Counter Tobacco) with the technical assistance of the African Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA) and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK).

The report also found that: 

  • 173 tobacco sale outlets were within a 100-metre radius of the 20 schools surveyed.
  • For 85 percent of schools, points-of-sale were very close and visible from the school gate.
  • Flavoured tobacco products were sold near the schools.

Its recommendations include banning: 

  • Sale of tobacco products around educational institutions.
  • Display of tobacco products in retail outlets in Cameroon.
  • Sale of cigarette in single sticks and small packs.


Find out more and download the report in French

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