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12 Nov 2015

“This behavior of BAT-Congo is reckless and very worrying not (only) because it violates the spirit of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), an international law, but because it also undermines the Congolese legislation regarding tobacco management,” says the letter. It is signed by Paul Kasereka Lughembe, chief executive officer of S.E.A.

FCTC meeting in Kinshasa

Just two weeks ago representatives from 17 countries met in DRC’s capital Kinshasa to discuss how to better coordinate the fight against tobacco use. Their Call to Action includes a commitment to strengthening implementation of the FCTC by adopting national policies and laws and ensuring that they are enforced. 

In its letter, S.E.A. calls on the DRC Government to make good on the commitments it made at the Kinshasa meeting. It also recommends that the Government:

  • Call on BAT-Congo to end its advertising campaign in all media;
  • Revoke the company’s licence to sell tobacco;
  • Further sanction BAT-Congo;
  • Order BAT-Congo to stop advertising on the Internet, including publicity of its corporate social responsibility.

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