Tobacco increases the poverty of countries

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: (1) Countries that import tobacco would benefit from a reduction in tobacco ue because spending could be switched to domestic goods, which would stimulate the economy; (2) Changes in spending patterns with tobacco use reduction could stimulate job creation in other industries, providing jobs for former tobacco farmers
Key facts and stats: Tobacco leaf accounts for no more than 1% of total export earnings for 108/125 tobacco exporting countries. It accounts for more than 5% of total export earnings for only 5 countries (Central African Republic, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe)
Notes: This resource does a good job of identifying the myths that the tobacco industry uses to hinder tobacco control and show why their arguments are incorrect or exaggerated
Main focus: Poverty
Other topics addressed: Healthcare; productivity; employment; economic growth; environment
Source: WHO
Year: 2004

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