Tobacco control governance in sub-Saharan Africa

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: Recommendations are aimed at focal points and NCMs, but one key development-related argument is: “Without urgent responses [to the early stages of the tobacco epidemic in the region], hard-won development gains in sub-Saharan Africa are at risk of stagnation or reversal”
Key facts and stats: (1) Globally in 2013, tobacco use lead to 6.1 million deaths and 143.5 million disability-adjusted life years; (2) Globally, tobacco use costs 1-2 percent of GDP per year; (3) Tobacco use is quickly rising in SSA, due to a combination of rising incomes, large youth populations, and aggressive marketing by the tobacco industry
Notes: Focused on assessing Article 5.2(a) implementation in SSA, but does include the useful info re: tobacco & development. Could also be useful for showing how tobacco control relates to government ministries outside of health (incl food/agriculture, finance, foreign affairs, and justice)
Main focus: FCTC Article 5.2(a)
Other topics addressed: SDGs; intragovernmental coordination
Source: UNDP

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