Tobacco Control and Tobacco Farming in African Countries

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: Countries assessing the value of tobacco farming in their countries, in terms of economic development, need to weigh the pros (opportunities for employment, exporting tobacco as a source of foreign currency) and the cons (health impacts, environmental damange, perpetuating the cycle of poverty, child labour), as well the opportunities to shift to alternative crops
Key facts and stats: (1) Total tobacco leaf exports increased by roughly 47% between 2000 and 2011; (2) Tobacco-related healthcare costs outweigh economic benefits – for example, Tananzia earned 50 million USD in 2012 but spent more than 40 million USD on tobacco-related cancers, let alone other illnesses associated with tobacco
Main focus: Farming
Other topics addressed: Economic returns; environment; health; child labour; food insecurity
Source: Article in the Journal of Public Health Policy
Year: 2015

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