COP8 Bulletin Day 3 – Wednesday, October 3

Have you seen this delegate?


  • Repeatedly proposes amendments which gut the essence of draft decisions
  • Grossly misrepresents past COP deliberations
  • Painfully obfuscates and prolongs discussions
  • Tediously pushes for lowest common denominator
  • Speaks in legalese
  • Looks regularly at phone for instructions
  • Frequently insists he must consult with his ‘capital’
  • Wears expensive suit
  • Creates echo chamber with similarly suited friends causing further delays

One has to ask – is this delegate paid by the hour? Will his country be completing a declaration of interest form?

These typical industry delay tactics have occurred COP after COP, cost millions of lives, and have wasted precious Party resources. We call on all other delegations exasperated by this conduct to stand up to these delegates, call out this unacceptable behaviour and hold them to account.

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