AUDIO: Getting tobacco control into countries’ development plans

Listen to tips from FCA members and others who have been working to get tobacco control integrated into countries’ development plans.

Mr Dudley Tarlton, UNDP
Mr Dudley Tarlton, UN Development Programme (UNDP)

Dudley Tarlton speaks about different ways that advocates can engage with UNDP at the country level.

Mr Carlos Farias of FCA member COLAT, Peru

Mr Carlos Farias, President of COLAT (civil society tobacco control network) Peru

Carlos Farias speaks about an important alliance made by tobacco control advocates in Peru.

Mr Eduardo Bianco, FCA

Mr Eduardo Bianco, FCA Regional Coordinator for the Americas (AMRO)

Eduardo Bianco speaks about the importance of doing your ‘homework’ before advocating for tobacco control to be included in country’s development plans.

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