COP8 Policy Briefing: A Global Strategy to Accelerate FCTC Implementation

Key Recommendations

  • At COP8, Parties should endorse the Global Strategy to Accelerate Tobacco Control as proposed in Annex 1 of document FCTC/COP/8/11.
  • The Strategy is a plan for the COP as a whole, which can help to enable better FCTC implementation and progress towards SDG target 3a in a number of ways, including by: 
    • Keeping discussions at COP and work between COP sessions focused on priority issues agreed by Parties
    • Enhancing and streamlining international cooperation on tobacco control
    • Raising the international visibility of the FCTC
    • Helping to raise money at the domestic and global level
  • FCA supports the recommendation of the Expert Group on Reporting Arrangements to establish a peer-led mechanism to improve implementation of the Convention and facilitate provision of focused support to Parties. If the Strategy is adopted, the Convention Secretariat should commence work to begin a pilot project demonstration of the IRM, as recommended by the Working Group.
  • COP8 should also consider how to translate the Strategy into action, including what kind of follow-up support will be provided to Parties to implement the Strategy.
  • In particular, it will be necessary to adapt the Workplan and Budget for the 2020-2021 biennium so that it reflects the priorities outlined in the Global Strategy, should the Strategy be adopted. FCA’s specific recommendations on the Workplan and Budget are outlined in a separate policy briefing.

Click the links below to download the policy briefing in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian,  Spanish.

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