Budget Advocacy Pilots Projects: Senegal and Uganda

Budget Advocacy Pilot Projects: Senegal and Uganda

Tobacco control programmes in low- and middle-income countries are critically underfunded despite the relatively low cost of implementation and the demonstrated health and economic benefits that proven tobacco control measures can deliver.

In an effort to help address this issue, in 2019 the Framework Convention Alliance, Cancer Research UK, and the American Cancer Society came together to support two budget advocacy pilot projects in Senegal and Uganda.

The goal of the projects was to build the capacity of civil society organisations to secure the level of resources required to effectively run FCTC-compliant tobacco control programmes as part of their country’s national budgeting procedures. To achieve this outcome, FCA provided each collation with training and support to develop budget advocacy plans and campaigns that would help influence the government budgetary process and the decisions about how public resources are spent.

Through the pilot projects, civil society organisations in Senegal and Uganda were able to position themselves as credible stakeholders in taxation and budget issues, while building a strong foundation from which to grow future budget advocacy initiatives.

To learn more about the pilot projects, please see the case studies below.

Senegal Case Study

Uganda Case Study


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