Honduras officially approves tobacco control law

23 Sep 2010

A Tobacco Control law is official in Honduras, and will enter into force during February 2011, announced the country’s government in its newspaper on 21 August 2010. Once the law enters into force, authorities will have six months to regulate it.

The announcement was made just a few days after the Honduran president’s official residence in Tegucigalpa was declared smoke-free. Since then, other bodies of the government have also declared smoke-free areas.

Earlier this year, the Honduran National Congress approved the tobacco control law but it was yet to be officially launched.

The new law includes:

  • smoke-free environments;
  • 80 per cent graphic warnings;
  • bans on tobacco promotion;
  • cessation programs;
  • bans on internet and mail-order sales; and
  • alternative tobacco crops for farmers.


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