On Budget Advocacy and Building a Coalition to Push Tobacco Control to the Forefront

23 Mar 2020

Framework Convention Alliance held a Budget Advocacy workshop on February 4-6, 2020. The workshop, made possible through the funding support of Cancer Research UK and the technical support of American Cancer Society, aimed to build the capacity of civil society actors in Senegal and Uganda and kick-start a regional coalition to carry out budget advocacy campaigns.

Participants share their views and impressions in this video spotlight.

Participants included Ligue sénégalaise de lutte contre le tabac (LISTAB) and the Uganda National Health Consumers’ Organisation – two organisations with significant tobacco control experience.


On March 5, LISTAB, through a coalition made up of CICODEV, Consortium pour la recherche économique et sociale (CRES) and Programme national de lutte contre le tabac (PNLT) organised a restitution session for civil society, partners and government authorities in Senegal, to share learnings and discuss knowledge gaps, including the opportunity for linking tobacco taxation with public health spending.


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