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The procedure for admission into the Alliance and rules regarding membership are governed by the Articles of Association of the FCA.

Download the Articles of Association in English, en français.

Membership Policy

  • Membership of the Alliance is open to all non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and NGO alliances and coalitions. Government bodies, inter-governmental organisations or businesses cannot be members of the Alliance.
  • Individuals not affiliated to an organisation can also join the e-mail conference, but they must first be approved by existing Alliance members, in the same way as groups, and will not appear in any list of Alliance member organisations.
  • Membership of the Alliance is contingent upon endorsing our ‘Vision and Mission’ and the FCA Statement on not receiving any funding from tobacco companies or their subsidiaries, agents or consultants.
  • New members must be endorsed by two current FCA member organisations and receive no objections from current members.
  • There is no charge to become a member.


If your organisation wishes to join the Alliance you should return a completed Application Form: in English, en Français, en Español,  along with information about your organization (including its background, activities, aims and objectives etc.) to membership(@)

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