Annual Report 2020

28 May 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has reframed everything in global health, including tobacco control. It also forced FCA to reorient our work and reorganize ourselves in a virtual world. 2020 was a transitional year for FCA as we needed to make some decisions for the future of the organization and adapt to the changing tobacco control environment and in particular to the next phase of FCTC implementation. We started thinking internally and consulting externally on this, and the COVID-19 pandemic made the need for this refresh of FCA more urgent and necessary.

Despite the challenges, FCA and its members achieved a great deal throughout 2020; we’ve adapted and achieved major goals in our strategy, we started work to transition the organisation to meet future tobacco control needs and we used our expertise and experience to continue to lead thinking on global tobacco control strategy and policy.

Our 2020 annual report provides an overview of some of our key achievements such as our week-long COP social media campaign to promote the different priorities from the tobacco control community, the work of our informal coalition to address the low level of funding allocated to tobacco control and our budget advocacy pilot projects in Uganda and Senegal.

We all know how important tobacco control is going to be once the pandemic is under control and we all know what needs to be done. We look forward to working together with all of our members to ensure that tobacco control is positioned front and centre.

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