Advocacy’s role in creating a smoke-free Mexico City

15 Feb 2011

A recent article in Tobacco Control found that the coordinated efforts of advocates and policymakers led to the successful implementation of Mexico City’s 100 per cent smoke-free law. The study outlines the development of the smoke-free law, identifies major implementation challenges faced, and describes the actions taken by advocates to ensure success.

Major Challenges

•         The hospitality industry claimed the 100 per cent smoke-free law would hurt their business and that designated smoking rooms were unconstitutional and impractical.
•         At the federal level, a weaker smoke-free law required designated smoking rooms and allowed the tobacco industry to create confusion among restaurant and bar owners about which law should be followed in Mexico City.
•         Two pro-tobacco legislators in Mexico City filed a Supreme Court lawsuit against the constitutionality of the 100 per cent smoke-free law.

See the abstract here.

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